Mountain Bike Handlebars

Meet Session's MTB Handlebars:

Carbon 200 and Carbon 235.

Looking for a good Mountain Bike Handlebar? Session has two light, modern and good-looking models for you. Meet the Carbon 200 and Carbon 235 handlebars.

Every bicycle needs a handlebar, that's for sure! For Mountain Bikes, the choice of a good handlebar can affect indirectly on the speed of the bicycle and, directly on maneuvers and comfort.

In fact, if we add it all up, it becomes evident that handlebars play a role, in addition to simply making turns in a bicycle. It is possible to see it as a performance-enhancing component.

The choice of handlebars for mountain biking

How to choose a good handlebar for your Mountain Bike? What should you observe before buying a new handlebar?

Weight, shape and material are items that require a little more attention and we will help you with that now!

First of all, they are not all the same and there are several types of riding for the same modality. Regarding to Mountain Bike, we can highlight the two most used: Flat Bars and Riser Bars.


Flat Handlebars

Photo   Alexandra Dech   in   Unsplash

This type of handlebar is very common in mountain bikes today. Firm, reliable and allows for quick changes of direction. Therefore, it is also more used in XC.

C200 Session Flat Handlebars with 9º Back Sweep. 
Light and Resistant.

Despite the name "flat", it is not uncommon to see some of them with a slight curvature. This curvature is called Back Sweep. The curvature should always face the cyclist, and that's within reason, a straight handlebar with proper back sweep allows for a more anatomical grip on the handlebars, firmer grip, control and comfort for the cyclist.


 The Session's Carbon 200 has a 9º back sweep

Riser Handlebars

Risers are basically a flat bar with a sharp “gap”. 
We cannot confuse the back sweep with the angle of this gap.

A big difference is that this angle is not facing the cyclist, thus arching or guiding upwards.

This position provides more comfort and stability to the cyclist, but it is not very favorable for risky maneuvers and technical climbs.

That's why riser handlebars are used a lot by beginners looking for comfort. But also by riders who practice Enduro or Downhill and want more control.

Usually, wider handlebars are used especially in Enduro and Downhill. A larger handlebar has a better lever, making it much easier to ride. Especially on very technical and gravity trails.

However, this handlebar does not have good aerodynamics and does not favor much, as we said, technical climbs and high speed on the bike.

Session Mountain Bike Handlebars

Thinking of improving the rider's performance, we developed two handlebars with the newest trends for mountain biking. Both in Carbon Fiber.

Carbon 200 - Flat - 31.8 mm clamp

Carbon 235 - 25mm rise  - 35 mm clamp




Session Carbon 200 Mountain Bike Handlebars

At just 208 grams, Carbon 200 is one of the lightest carbon handlebars on the market. It is 760mm long, the most used width by today's greatest champions.


Carbon 200 Handlebar Technical Specifications
  • Carbon; 
  • Length: 760mm; 
  • Thickness: 31.8mm; 
  • 9º back sweep; 
  • Weight: 208g


Session Carbon 235 Mountain Bike Handlebars

The excellent cost-benefit ratio of Session Carbon 235 handlebars is among the best options on the market for carbon handlebars.

We use the S-FOAM technology on all of Session's mountain bike handlebars. It goes inside the bars and help reduce the vibration on your hands.

This carbon handlebar has high strength and guarantees safe riding for any type of cyclist.

The Carbon 235  weighs 7.9 oz (225g), which for a 800mm mountain bike handlebar is really lightweight. The Carbon 235 needs a 35 mm clamp stem.


Carbon 235 Handlebar Technical Specifications
  • Carbon Fiber; 
  • Length: 800mm; 
  • Thickness: 35mm; 
  • 9º back sweep ; 
  • Weight: 7.9oz / 225g


Anti Vibration Treatment - S-FOAM

Carbon 200 and Carbon 235 have an internal anti-vibration system, the S-FOAM, providing more comfort and less fatigue to the material. 

Both handlebars are made in Taiwan, in the same factory that makes the best carbon components in the world.

Ensure lightness and performance for your bike, without losing the confidence of a tough and durable mountain bike handlebar.

Session is a competitive and reliable brand, which competes with some of the best brands in the world. We are always designing and manufacturing new products for cyclists looking for high performance and great results.


Session Sets

If you like to reduce weight and want a harmonic set, consider this combination as well. We have an amazing kit that will make your Cockpit very light and clean.


Click on the pictures and visit our website for more details.


Any questions you have, just email us at or reach us on our Instagram  @sessioncomponents  or Facebook



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